College and Change

Just started bible college @ Moore, been really good, encouraging, challenging. We’ve been doing Greek intensive to start with, and it’s exciting to be able to sit and look at the original text and have some understanding of what it is says. The only thing that hasn’t helped me has been illness. Last week I had gastroenteritis and this week I have a cold which has knocked me out. I’m still getting used to living here. I’ve been so blessed at home. I miss a lot of things.
I miss the ocean
I miss the sea-salt air
I miss the space
I miss the tranquility
I miss my mates (my new mates are cool)
I miss my crew (my new crew are lots of fun)
I miss her (not someone specifically, just the beaches chick)
I miss home.
For me change is hard, and being sick has made it more so.
But I think I need to repent of the idea that things will always be as they are, but things do change, circumstance changes, life changes, the world changes, I change.
But at least one thing remains contant.
Jesus never Changes, He is Lord and Saviour of all.
So as i reflect on life, i need to remind myself of Jesus and the change he has made and continues to make in my life.
Duke out!

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One Response to College and Change

  1. Trent says:

    Hey Duke,
    Sucks to hear your sick man but great to get an update on how things are going for you out at Moore.
    Such a comfort knowing Jesus doesn’t change and that his love for us is the same now as it was when he died for us.
    We’ll send out some prayer for you in Bible study tonight!
    Coming to Mens convention this weekend?

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