As many have pointed out before me, Myspace is a giant.
But today is Friday, it also happens to be about the time youth would be starting but cause its holidays its not on.
Cause there is no youth I have new found time. I was bored and as I waited for the boys to come over for a BBQ, which will be an awesome time, I checked out our Soulies Myspace page and it seems that our youth seem to be there too. I signed on and there were at least 5 of them online at the same time. The most I have seen.
Now today has been an awesome day weather wise, and somehow I have spent most of it inside, which I should have changed.
As cool as Myspace might be, I’m sure there is something cooler to be doing on this awesome arvo on the NB (Northern Beaches).
But I guess I can’t talk when I’m blogging about it around the same time.
As a concesion I am enjoying a cool beverage.

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