Excited, Challenged, Sick

I’ve been real excited this last week or two, the big problem though, is that if you have seen me, I propably haven’t looked it too much. I’ve had chronic hayfever and now i got the sniffles. Sniffing and coughing. But hey I wonder if Jesus ever got sick, or was he one of those kids who never miss a day of school cause he could heal himself. (Been thinking a little bit about Jesus’ humanity)
Anyway I’ve been excited about this term of school coming up. We are combining the two older youth groups together, which is going to be fun and also very interesting. It will also be a challenge, trying to get everyone on board with the idea and interacting.
I’ve also just been away for the weekend, to MTS Challenge Conference, and we were talking about full time paiid ministry and the topic of “now is the time”. I was challenged alot about how I spend my time and resources. to be careful about the temptation of materialism which disguises itself so well.
I thought I was going to be a bit more insightful but I’m getting hungry and cant think whilst thinking as i listen to a sermon.

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