So Curious

I’ve been looking around amazon and various other places at books to read to invigorate my passion for church and ways of doing ministry. I’m still working out what i think of it all, with so many different expressions out there its all a bit confusing. With buzzwords like Relevant, Emergent, Missional and the like, understanding what these mean exactly and if these expressions are healthy, biblical ways of worship and Christian community is really hard.
I’ve been encouraged by Mars Hill Seattle. Their theology looks strong and the spirit is working there and many are coming to Jesus. Praise God. I’m keen to find out more, so i will seek to buy Mark’s books, “Confessions of a Reformission Rev” and “The Radical Reformission” to further understand his strategies to doing church and reaching a secular society with the gospel.
One thing i am also keen to find out is ideas in youth ministry, as this is my passion and joy, to see young people come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
Being an Aussie it is sometimes hard to justify buying an American book, because of the large cultural difference in the church and also societies attitude to church.
I think thats about all i have to ramble about tonight.

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2 Responses to So Curious

  1. Alee says:

    I’ve been obsessed with John Piper’s stuff ever since I heard him speak at Passion 06.

    I miss you heaps.

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